“Lucky Lake” is a game mode in Gimkit, an educational tool designed to help students learn and review material through gaming elements. Gimkit offers various modes to engage students in learning, and “Lucky Lake” is one of them.

In “Lucky Lake”, students answer questions to earn in-game currency, which they can then use to ‘fish’ in a virtual lake to earn more currency or other in-game items. The aim is usually to have the most in-game currency at the end of the game, promoting learning and engagement through competition and strategy.

Lucky Lake Overview


Lucky Lake is a unique and exclusive area within Fishtopia. It’s a picturesque spot featuring a serene blue pond surrounded by lush green grass and embellished with distinctive elements like a fallen log and a tree stump. The backdrop of flourishing plants around the water adds to its charm.


Access to Lucky Lake is regulated through one-time use tickets. Once a player leaves Lucky Lake, re-entry is only possible with the purchase of another ticket.

🔗 Lucky Lake Interactive Map

Purchasing Tickets and Launching:

  • Location for Purchase: Power Shop.
  • Ticket Cost: $1000.
  • Boat Launch: Available at Power Shop.
  • Profit from Fishing: Varies.
Player at Lucky Lake

Unique Features:

  • Berries: Upon the first visit to Lucky Lake and acquiring a Berry Fish, players can find GimBerry by the entrance to the Boat Launch.
  • Fish Variety: Lucky Lake is home to a range of unique fish like Purple Fish, Beach Fish, Starfish, Galaxy Fish, Berry Fish, and GimFish.
  • Rarity: All fish available here are on the rare tier and above.

Special Notes (Trivia):

  • Lucky Lake stands out as the only area necessitating a new ticket for each entry, making it the most premium and exclusive area in Fishtopia.
  • It is known for being the most expensive area in Fishtopia.


Exiting Lucky Lake requires another ticket for return, so make the most out of each visit!

Make sure to explore every nook and cranny and have fun fishing in the enchanting waters of Lucky Lake! Happy Fishing!

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Ambreen Zahra

Ambreen Zahra

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