Gimkit is an interactive learning and gaming tool designed to help students learn and review material through quizzes.

How to get Gimkit coins: Earning coins in Gimkit is usually done by answering questions correctly during a game. Here’s a general guide on how you might go about earning coins in Gimkit:

Gimkit Coins, Gimkit Bucks and Gimbucks

So you might hear a few different terms thrown around: “Gimkit Coins,” “Gimkit Bucks,” and “GimBucks.” Just so you know, they’re all different names for the same super cool in-game currency!

They’re your ticket to some fun rewards while you’re learning and playing. So, whether it’s coins, bucks, or GimBucks you’re earning, it’s all good—it’s all Gimkit currency! Have fun collecting!

Gathering GimBucks: A Friendly Guide!

🎮 How to Earn GimBucks:

  1. Play & Participate: Dive into the engaging world of 2D Gimkit games! As you play, you’ll gather XP (experience points) that help you level up.
  2. Level Up & Earn: Each 1,000 XP brings you a level up! You can level up to 15 times per week, and every level you gain rewards you with a pleasant 100 GimBucks!

🛒 How to Use GimBucks: GimBucks are your gateway to various items available in our vibrant Item Shop! Don’t feel rushed to spend them; they won’t disappear! Save them week by week if you fancy, and splurge when you see fit!

🕹 Checking Your GimBucks: Curious about your balance? It’s super easy to check! Just navigate to the ‘Cosmetics’ section from your dashboard or simply click the button located at the upper right corner of your in-game screen. Your GimBucks balance will be displayed, and you can plan how you’d like to use them!


Fun Guide to GimBucks and Cool Buys! 🌈

GimBucks! 🌟 They’re the cool in-game money you use to grab awesome Cosmetics in Gimkit! Every time you level up, boom! 💥 You get 100 GimBucks! And the cool part? You can earn a whopping 1,500 GimBucks every week! 🎉

More GimBucks with Seasons! 🍃🍂

When Seasons rolled in, things got even more exciting! If you grab a Season Ticket, your XP cap zooms up to 20,000, letting you earn 2,000 GimBucks every week! 🎮

Cosmetic Pricing Guide: 💄

Each cosmetic has its own rarity and price in GimBucks. Here’s a quick look:

  • Uncommon Goodies:
    • Gims: 800 GimBucks
    • Stickers: 150 GimBucks
    • Trails: ??? GimBucks (Stay tuned!)
  • Rare Treasures:
    • Gims: 1,200 GimBucks
    • Stickers: 250 GimBucks
    • Trails: 750 GimBucks
  • Epic Finds:
    • Gims: 1,500 GimBucks
    • Stickers: 350 GimBucks
    • Trails: 1,000 GimBucks
  • Legendary Loot:
    • Gims: 2,000 GimBucks
    • Stickers & Trails: ??? GimBucks (It’s a surprise!)

More Tips!

  • Strategize Your Play: Focus on accruing XP efficiently by participating actively and answering correctly.
  • Save or Spend: It’s your call! Be it an immediate purchase from the Item Shop or saving for a bigger reward, GimBucks are yours to manage.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly check your GimBucks to stay on top of your savings and spendings.

Strategize Your Investments:

  • Use your earned coins to strategically upgrade your earning capabilities within the game.
  • Decide whether to upgrade your earning per question, the power-ups you can use, or other game-specific upgrades that might help you earn more coins.

Use Power-ups and Boosts (If Available):

  • Some games offer power-ups or boosts that can multiply your earnings.
  • Use them wisely to maximize your coin earning potential.

Stay Active:

  • The more active you are in participating in games and answering questions, the more coins you will accumulate over time.
  • Regularly participating can sometimes earn you bonuses or multipliers, depending on the game settings.

Consistent Correct Answers:

  • Consistently answering questions correctly without making mistakes can sometimes earn you streak bonuses, multiplying your earnings.

Complete Challenges:

  • If there are any challenges or additional tasks within the game, completing them can often yield extra coins.


Gimkit coins can usually be used within the game to purchase upgrades, power-ups, or other enhancements that can aid in learning or make the game more enjoyable.

Remember, the main purpose of Gimkit Join is to facilitate learning, so focus on understanding the material while playing, and the coins will follow!

However, it’s essential to remember that rules and features might vary, and the teacher has the ability to customize game settings. Ensure to understand the game rules and settings before you start playing.

Whether you see them referred to as Gimkit Coins or Gimkit Bucks, they’re essentially the same thing—a virtual currency designed to enhance your learning experience, allowing you to earn rewards as you learn.

So, dive in and start earning your GimBucks or Gimkit Coins, and discover the fun and rewarding opportunities that await you in the game! Happy learning and playing!

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