Gimkit’s “The Floor is LAVA” is a cooperative game mode designed to encourage teamwork among students rather than competition. In this mode, the entire class works together towards the common goal of staying above rising lava.

This game mode is specially designed to foster collaboration among students as they work together to overcome the challenge of rising lava by building a tower high enough to escape. It’s a fun and interactive way to promote teamwork, strategic planning, and problem-solving skills.

The Floor is Lava

To play Gimkit’s “The Floor is LAVA” mode, participants work together in a cooperative game setting where the primary goal is to stay above the rising lava. Here’s a simplified guide on how to engage in this educational and interactive game:

  1. Game Start: Once the game commences, lava begins to rise at a slow pace, gradually speeding up over time. The players’ task is to collaboratively build a tower to stay above the lava.
  2. Building the Tower: Players can buy builds from a special section in the shop dedicated to this game mode. These builds contribute to increasing the tower’s height, making it more expensive and higher with each purchase. The strategy involves careful planning and budgeting to maximize the tower’s height efficiently.
  3. Special Power-ups: The game includes unique power-ups like “Lava Pause,” which halts the lava’s rise for a brief period, and “Instant Build,” allowing for immediate construction of the purchased tower sections. However, these power-ups are limited, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.
  4. Difficulty Levels: Instructors can adjust the game’s difficulty to challenge the students appropriately. There are four difficulty settings available: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ludicrous. This allows for customization based on the players’ skill levels and aims to beat previous records.
  5. Adjusting the Game: Teachers have the capability to manually increase the lava’s height by 10%, giving them control over the game’s duration and difficulty in real-time. This feature can be used to end the game earlier or increase the challenge if the students are performing exceptionally well.

“The Floor is LAVA” mode was designed to foster teamwork and cooperative skills among students, contrasting with the competitive nature of other game modes. It provides a fun and engaging way to learn, encouraging students to communicate, strategize, and work together towards a common goal.

This game mode, along with others offered by Gimkit, utilizes gamification to enhance educational experiences, making learning more interactive and enjoyable.

How to Play Gimkit’s Floor is Lava

Here’s the scoop:

  • Game On: When the game begins, lava slowly starts to rise, speeding up as time goes on. Your mission is to build a tower high enough to stay clear of the lava. If the lava surpasses your tower, that’s game over.
  • Tower Time: You’ll find a special section in the shop for buying tower sections to build higher and higher. These sections will cost more the higher you go, so think strategically about how to spend your funds to maximize tower height.
  • Power-Up: Keep an eye out for two cool power-ups: “Lava Pause,” which freezes the lava for 10 seconds (though not everyone gets this), and “Instant Build,” which instantly adds your newly bought sections to the tower.
  • Choose Your Challenge: Want to mix things up? You can set the game difficulty to Easy, Normal, Hard, or even Ludicrous to keep your students on their toes as they try to set new records.
  • Speeding Up: If you think the players are having an easy time, there’s a button to crank up the lava level by 10%, making the game more challenging or wrapping it up sooner if needed.

Enjoy “The Floor is Lava” until October 19th, when it will be replaced by “Humans vs Zombies” for some Halloween fun. Dive in, have a blast, and let’s see who can set a new record!

Gimkit: Floor is Lava Mode

  • For your “The Floor is Lava” game in Gimkit, consider setting up a system where the lava becomes inactive for 10 seconds and then reactivates.
  • Use wire repeaters to toggle this effect on and off, with a delay setting for the desired timing.
  • Additionally, employ notification devices to inform players when the lava is active or not.
  • For safe zones, ensure they are clearly defined and not affected by the lava mechanics, possibly by using property checks and counters to manage player safety.
Build a Trap with Zones and Wire Repeaters in Gimkit Creative

To purchase builds in Gimkit, you can use the in-game currency known as GimBucks. Here’s a brief overview of how to go about it:

  1. Earning GimBucks: Play 2D Gimkit games to earn XP. For every 1,000 XP you gain, you level up, and each level up earns you 100 GimBucks. You can level up to 15 times per week, allowing you to accumulate GimBucks over time. Your GimBucks balance carries over from week to week, so you can save up for the items you want​​.
  2. Accessing the Item Shop: The Item Shop is where you can browse and purchase in-game items using your GimBucks. It’s accessible from the Cosmetics screen. The shop updates weekly, introducing new items every Wednesday at 2 pm EST. Since the available items rotate, it’s essential to keep an eye on the shop and grab the items you want before they’re rotated out​​.
  3. Purchasing Items: When you’ve decided on an item to purchase, simply click on it to see its GimBucks cost. If you have enough GimBucks, click the green Purchase button to acquire the item. If you don’t have enough GimBucks, the purchase button will be greyed out, indicating that you can’t afford the item at that moment​​.

Remember, the items you own are marked as “Owned,” and those available for purchase will display their cost in GimBucks. This system ensures you can easily keep track of what you’ve already acquired and what’s still available for you to purchase.

For more detailed information on purchasing items, earning GimBucks, and accessing the Item Shop, you can visit the official Gimkit Help pages on these topics:

Building Together: The Heart of “The Floor is LAVA”

In “The Floor is LAVA”, the entire class collaborates to construct a tower, piece by piece, to stay above the menacing lava.

The game introduces a dedicated shop section where students can purchase builds to elevate the tower. As the game progresses, these builds become pricier and add significant height, necessitating careful planning and resource management.

Powering Up: Special Features to Enhance the Experience

To add an extra layer of strategy and excitement, “The Floor is LAVA” includes unique powerups like “Lava Pause,” granting temporary reprieve from the rising lava, and “Instant Build,” which immediately adds purchased sections to the tower.

These elements introduce a dynamic gameplay experience, encouraging students to think on their feet and make quick decisions.

Customizable Difficulty: Tailoring Challenges to Suit Every Classroom

Educators have the flexibility to adjust the game’s difficulty level through four settings: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ludicrous.

This allows teachers to cater the game’s challenge to their students’ abilities and keeps the gameplay engaging and accessible for all learners. Additionally, instructors can manually increase the lava’s height, offering control over the game’s pace and intensity.

A Broader Educational Strategy: Gimkit’s Game Modes for Enhanced Learning

“The Floor is LAVA” is just one part of Gimkit’s comprehensive suite of educational game modes. From the wealth-building excitement of Super Rich Mode to the survival challenges of Humans vs Zombies, each mode is designed with unique objectives and learning outcomes in mind.

Whether it’s mastering content through Boss Battles or practicing deduction in Trust No One, Gimkit’s diverse game modes provide a rich, engaging platform for learning and student engagement.

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