When it comes to interactive learning tools, Gimkit has been a game-changer. What started as a simple quiz tool has evolved to incorporate a variety of innovative game modes to enhance the learning experience.

The latest addition? A mode titled “One Way Out,” which promises both education and entertainment. If you’re new to this mode or looking to master it, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive deep into this immersive cooperative game.

Understanding the Basics of Gimkit’s “One Way Out”

A Brief Overview

Released on March 30, 2023, “One Way Out” stands out from the rest of Gimkit’s offerings.

This Player Vs. Environment escape room game requires players to collaborate, answer questions to fuel their energy, and deploy strategic tactics to advance through various sectors of a spaceship under siege by evil plants.

Gimkit one way out - The escape Ship
Gimkit’s One Way Out – The Escape Ship!

The Objective

The primary goal? Navigate through three sectors, defeat the menacing plants, gather keycards, and reach the escape pods.

Sounds straightforward? Well, with only 1 hour and 30 minutes on the clock and a spaceship filled with challenges, it’s anything but!

Collect Keycards in Gimkit – One Way Out

Keycard TypePurposeHow to GetImage
Green KeycardWill open most barriers.These are occasionally dropped by the Evil Plant (Green). Gimkit Green Keycard
Gold KeycardThis key card can unlock the barrier at the top of the Stage 2 entrance.You can find these on Boss Evil Plants located above the library.Gimkit Gold Keycard
Purple KeycardMost Valueable – This card opens a barrier at the end of Stage 3.They’re scattered around the map. The first one can be found in a secret room.Gimkit Purple Key card
Blue KeycardHandy for item purchases in vending machines.This is a recent addition, so let’s explore and find out together!Gimkit Blue Key card

Equip Yourself: Gadgets and Weapons

Zapper – Your Trusty Sidekick

Every player starts with the Zapper. With medium range and quick projectiles, it’s your initial line of defense against the plant menace.

The best part? The Zipper is your free Gadget and always ready for action.

All Gadgets available in Gimkit’s “One Way Out”

In Gimkits “One Way Out”, players rely on a variety of gadgets to navigate challenges and combat sinister plants.

The game’s mechanics, including the number of players and the rarity of each gadget, influence the potency and accessibility of these tools.

Below is an overview of the Available gadgets in “One Way Out” on offer:

GadgetDescriptionCost / How to Unlock
ZapperShoots a quick medium-range projectile.Given to players upon spawning.
SlingshotLaunches a spherical projectile spanning almost the entire screen, defeating regular enemies with a single hit.10 Cash
P.M.L.Fires a blueberry muffin with a short range, takes three shots to defeat a standard enemy.14 Cash
Quantum PortalShoots a black portal orb covering the entire screen, overpowering a regular enemy in one shot.20 Cash
Evil EyeReleases a screen-crossing laser that, despite being weaker than the Quantum Portal, can defeat enemies in two shots.30 Cash
Wooden WandKnown for rapid firing and a large clip size. Its power isn’t the highest, but it offers a strategic advantage.Unlocked after a secret mission and defeating a specific boss.
Helpful Gadgets In GimKit Game – One Way Out

Armed with such a diverse range of gadgets, players are well-prepared to tackle the numerous obstacles “One Way Out” presents to them.

One Way Out - Gadgets Section
One Way Out – Gadgets Section

Evolution of Tools

As players progress, they have the option to purchase more advanced gadgets.

From the menacing sounds of the P.M.L. to the extreme damage capabilities of the Evil Eye and Quantum Portal, these gadgets aren’t just for show – they can mean the difference between escaping the ship or being overrun by plant foes.

Cost and Strategy

Remember, the cost of these tools changes based on the number of players, making strategy and collaboration vital.

Acquiring and utilizing these gadgets at the right time can drastically impact your escape plan’s success.

Enemies – Know Who You’re Up Against

In the world of “One Way Out,” knowledge is as powerful as any weapon or gadget. To navigate through the sectors successfully, you need to be familiar with the adversaries that stand in your way. Each enemy type has its unique characteristics and challenges, making it essential to strategize accordingly.

The Green Evil Plant

Don’t be deceived by its commonplace appearance. The Green Evil Plant is far from the benign potted plant you might find on a windowsill.

Resembling the game’s signature Gims, these plant adversaries come equipped with wands, making them lethal opponents.

Green Evil Plant
Green Evil Plant

Their primary objective is simple: halt your progress at any cost. Their relentless nature means they’ll attack without warning, making every encounter a potential danger zone.

Always be alert and ready for their onslaught!

Boss Variant – The Ultimate Challenge

While the Green Evil Plant can be daunting, its boss counterpart takes the threat to a whole new level.

Donning a contrasting color scheme, this boss variant isn’t just a more formidable version of the standard evil plant; it’s a challenge of epic proportions. With its ability to deal increased damage, it can quickly become a major roadblock to your team’s progression.

Facing this enemy isn’t just about firepower; it’s about team cohesion, quick decision-making, and executing a well-thought-out strategy to bring it down.

Respawn and Keycards

However, the challenge doesn’t end once you’ve defeated these foes. In a twist, these enemies are more than just obstacles; they’re also a potential treasure trove.

Upon their defeat, they drop the coveted keycards, which are pivotal to progressing through the game’s sectors. But don’t get too complacent. These crafty plants have another trick awaiting: their ability to respawn.

The frequency and speed of their reappearance depend on the game’s difficulty setting. This dynamic element adds another layer to the game strategy, as players must decide when to move forward and when to retreat, ensuring they have enough keycards without being overwhelmed by respawning enemies.

Navigating the Sectors – Progression Tactics

The journey through “One Way Out” is not linear; it’s a labyrinthine adventure divided into distinct sectors.

Each sector, while part of the same game, feels like a mini-game in its own right due to its unique challenges and objectives.

Sector Dynamics

Starting off, the initial sector welcomes players with open arms. Its challenges are introductory, meant to give players a feel for the game dynamics. Here, the enemies might seem sparse and more lenient, providing a gentle introduction. But don’t be fooled into thinking the entire journey will be this tranquil.

By the time you reach the third sector, the difficulty curve rises sharply. The previously calm corridors are now teeming with adversaries, each more challenging than the last. Every corner could hold a surprise, and the pressure mounts with every step.

As the sectors become more demanding, so does the need for team coordination, planning, and strategic gameplay. Your ability to communicate and devise strategies on-the-go will become the difference between progression and defeat.

Gimkit – One Way Out Explained

Keycards – Your Ticket Forward

But battling enemies is only half the challenge. To move forward and unlock the next sector, players will need to harness the power of keycards. Think of these as your passport, a ticket that grants access to the subsequent challenges.

In the earlier sectors, you might need only a handful of these green keycards. But be wary, as the game’s progression doesn’t just mean more enemies – it also means the requirement for more keycards. With each advancing sector, the number of necessary keycards escalates, making the hunt for them a primary objective. They can be hidden in the most unexpected places or guarded by formidable foes. It’s imperative to stay vigilant, continuously scan the environment, and prioritize keycard collection.

In essence, while your combat skills will be put to the test, your observation and exploration abilities will be equally essential in ensuring your team’s progression through the captivating world of “One Way Out.”

Mastering the Difficulty – Challenge Yourself

The game allows hosts to set difficulty levels, ranging from “Beginner” to the daunting “Gimpossible.” These levels influence not only enemy strength and behavior but also the costs associated with progression.

Tips and Tricks for Success

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Solo players will find it challenging to make it far. Moving in groups and strategizing collectively can make defeating plants and gathering keycards more efficient.

Utilize Shortcuts

Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts, such as the WASD keys for movement and “1” and “2” for toggling between gameplay modes. These can speed up your actions and give you an edge.

Explore Every Nook and Cranny

The game map is expansive, and there are secrets everywhere. From hidden messages to concealed rooms, exploration can yield unexpected advantages.

The Limitless Adventure Awaits in Gimkit “One Way Out”

Gimkit’s “One Way Out” is not merely another game mode—it’s a journey, an odyssey waiting to be embarked upon.

For educators, it presents a golden opportunity to captivate their students, fostering an environment where learning seamlessly blends with fun and excitement.

Students, on the other hand, can test their mettle, challenge their strategic thinking, and immerse themselves in the thrilling escapade aboard the spaceship.

The game beckons players to form a formidable team, brainstorm strategies, and plunge headfirst into its engrossing universe. Along the way, hidden treasures and secrets might just be waiting around the corner, eager to be unraveled. In essence, “One Way Out” offers not just a game, but an enriching experience replete with endless possibilities and adventures. Dive in and explore what’s in store!

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