Among its diverse suite of educational games, Gimkit introduced Farmchain, the fourth 2D gamemode, adding a unique blend of collaboration and strategy to its lineup. Farmchain stands out with its farming theme, where players come together to cultivate crops, manage resources, and generate income, all within a virtual farming ecosystem.

Launched with much anticipation, Farmchain has quickly become a favorite, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and economic strategy in a fun and immersive environment.

Gimkit, a platform celebrated for its innovative approach to education, has seamlessly blended learning with fun through a variety of engaging games.

By incorporating elements of gamification into the learning process, Gimkit has managed to captivate students and teachers alike, making education an adventure rather than a chore.

Farmchain invites players into a cooperative farming experience, where teamwork isn’t just encouraged; it’s essential. The game mechanics are straightforward yet deeply strategic:

  • Collaboration: Players work as a team to plant, grow, and harvest crops.
  • Economic Simulation: The core objective is to earn money through efficient farm management, selling crops at the peak of their market value.

This blend of agriculture and economics provides a rich, interactive learning environment, where players are not just participants but integral components of a thriving farm economy.

Since its debut, Farmchain has marked a significant milestone in Gimkit’s evolution. Launched on August 18th, 2022, it not only expanded the platform’s game offerings but also introduced a new dimension of collaborative play, setting a precedent for future games to build upon.

How to Play Gimkit Farmchain

Farmchain’s gameplay is enriched by a variety of features that simulate real-life farming and economic management:

  • Types of Crops: Players can choose from multiple crop types, each with its growth cycle and market value.
  • Upgrades: To enhance productivity, players can invest in upgrades for their farms, such as better irrigation systems, enhanced seeds, and more efficient farming tools.
  • Currencies: The game introduces different types of currency, adding layers to the economic strategy. Players must decide how to allocate their resources best to maximize profit and growth.
Gimkit’s Farmchain Explained

In Farmchain, like its other 2D counterparts, energy acts as the foundational currency. Players accumulate energy by answering questions, a unique feature that blends learning with gameplay.

This energy is crucial for navigating the game world, enabling players to engage in various activities such as moving around the farm, conducting research, watering, and planting crops. Energy thus serves as the heartbeat of the game, fueling all major farming operations.

Money represents the fruits of your labor in Farmchain. As players sell their harvested crops, they earn money, which in turn can be used to purchase valuable upgrades and new varieties of crops.

This cycle of earning and investing money mirrors real-world agricultural economics, teaching players about financial management and the importance of reinvesting in your business.

Water is a vital resource in Farmchain, necessary for bringing crops to life. Players can collect water from the well, a process that requires 5000 energy for 50 units of water. Additionally, an innovative feature allows players to collect trash from the Junkyard above the barn, which can then be recycled for more water.

This introduces a subtle lesson on sustainability: “When finished, please recycle.” The water system in Farmchain emphasizes the importance of resource management and environmental stewardship.

Research points, obtainable from the lab, are what allow players to unlock new crop varieties and advance their farming capabilities. To acquire research, players need to spend 3000 energy for 10 research points, symbolizing the game’s investment in learning and discovery.

The tooltip “What you need to uncover the next breakthrough” encapsulates the essence of research within the game, highlighting its role in achieving progress and innovation on the virtual farm.

Water in Farmchain

Playing Farmchain in Gimkit involves managing a virtual farm where collaboration, strategy, and knowledge are key to success. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play Farmchain:

  • Objective: The main goal in Farmchain is to work together with other players to farm crops, earn money, and achieve collective goals.
  • Currencies: The game uses several types of currency, including energy, money, and water, each serving different purposes like moving around, planting crops, and buying upgrades.
  • Join a Game: Start by joining a Farmchain game through Gimkit. You might need a game code from a teacher or group leader.
  • Choose Your Role: Depending on the game’s setup, you might choose a specific role or start directly with farming activities.
  • Planting: Use energy to plant crops. Each type of crop requires a certain amount of energy, water, and time to grow.
  • Harvesting: Once crops are fully grown, harvest them to earn money. The selling price of crops can vary, so strategic decisions about what and when to plant are crucial.
  • Upgrades and Research: Invest your earnings in upgrades for your farm or donate to research to unlock new crops. Upgrades can increase your efficiency, while new crops can offer better returns.
Tips how to play Gimkit’s Farmchain

The criteria for winning can vary depending on the game’s settings. It could be reaching a certain amount of money, unlocking all crops, or achieving a collective goal set at the game’s start. Success in Farmchain often depends on efficient resource management, strategic planning, and effective teamwork.

  • Start Small: Focus on a few crops initially to understand their growth and selling dynamics.
  • Strategize: Pay attention to crop prices and growth times. Plan your planting and harvesting accordingly.
  • Communicate: Work closely with your teammates. Share tips and strategies to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.
  • Invest Wisely: Consider which upgrades or research will benefit you most in the long term.

Farmchain isn’t just a game about farming; it’s a vibrant world filled with characters that players can relate to and learn from.

Each character in the game has a unique personality and role, whether it’s the wise old farmer who shares tips on crop rotation or the energetic market manager who guides players on selling their harvest at the best prices.

These characters not only add depth to the game’s narrative but also serve as virtual mentors and companions on the player’s agricultural journey.

The themes within Farmchain, from the changing seasons affecting crop growth to the bustling market days where players sell their goods, create an immersive experience that brings the realities of farming to life.

This thematic richness makes learning more engaging for students, transforming abstract concepts into tangible, memorable experiences.

Gimkit Farmchain Theme

NameBuy PriceSell PriceGrowing CostGrowing TimeXP Planting GainTooltipSeedProduce
Cash Berry5,000 EnergyUnknown1 Seed + 5,000 Energy + 50 Water1 Minute0Money does grow on trees!Dark green seedCash berry
Energy Bar3,500 EnergyUnknown1 Seed + 5,000 Energy + 50 Water1 Minute0Enough energy to keep you going.Blue seedEnergy bar
Lottery Ticket15,000 Energy (Stack of 15 seeds)Varies (depends on currently unlocked plants)1 Seed + 5,000 Energy + 50 Water1 Minute0Could this be your lucky break?Teal seedLottery ticket
Pepper3,500 EnergyUnknown1 Seed + 5,000 Energy + 50 Water1 Minute0Adds a spicy kick!Red seedRed pepper
Special Items in Gimkit’s Farmchain

NameBuy PriceSell PriceResearch CostGrowing CostGrowing TimeGoes Bad?XP Planting GainTooltipSeedProduce
Corn$0$501 Seed + 1,000 Energy + 10 Water5 secondsNo30Enjoy a corntastic day!Yellow seedCorn
Wheat$25$50501 Seed + 2,000 Energy + 20 Water10 secondsYes – after 2 minutes50A staple grain for all your favoritesBrown seedWheat
Potato$150$3001001 Seed + 3,000 Energy + 30 Water30 secondsYes – after 1 minute75Hearty and ubiquitousTan seedPotato
Grapes$750$1,5002001 Seed + 4,000 Energy + 40 Water1 minuteYes – after 1 minute100A mix of sour and sweetPurple seedGrapes
Raspberry$4,000$8,0003001 Seed + 5,000 Energy + 50 Water2 minutesYes – after 1 minute150Tangy but not sweetPink seedRaspberry
Watermelon$20,000$40,0004001 Seed + 7,000 Energy + 60 Water3 minutesYes – after 1 minute200Summertime’s finestGreen seedWatermelon
Coffee Bean$100,000$200,0005001 Seed + 10,000 Energy + 70 Water4 minutesYes – after 30 seconds250Ready for roastingBronze seedCoffee Bean
Orange$500,000$1,000,0007501 Seed + 15,000 Energy + 80 Water5 minutesYes – after 20 secondsUnknownIsn’t it delightful?Orange seedOrange
GimBerry$5,000,000$25,000,00010001 Seed + 20,000 Energy + 100 Water5 minutesYes – after 10 secondsUnknownThe rarest of them allExclusive seedGimBerry
Normal Items in Gimkit’s Farmchain

Beyond its entertainment value, Farmchain serves as a powerful educational tool, teaching key concepts through gameplay:

  • Teamwork: Players learn the importance of working together, sharing resources, and planning strategies collaboratively.
  • Strategic Planning: Managing a farm requires foresight and planning, skills that are transferable to real-life situations.
  • Financial Management: The economic aspects of the game provide players with a basic understanding of money management, investment, and the principles of supply and demand.

Farmchain, through its engaging gameplay and educational features, exemplifies Gimkit’s commitment to transforming learning into an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

By marrying the concepts of agriculture, economics, and teamwork, Farmchain not only entertains but educates, offering a glimpse into the potential future of educational technology.

As we wrap up our exploration of Farmchain, it’s clear that this innovative game from Gimkit is more than just an educational tool; it’s a bridge connecting the joy of gaming with the depth of learning.

Farmchain exemplifies how engaging and interactive environments can transform traditional educational approaches, making complex concepts like economics, agriculture, and teamwork not only accessible but genuinely enjoyable.

Farmchain is a testament to the power of creative educational strategies in cultivating a love for learning. By seamlessly blending the elements of play with educational content, it offers a glimpse into the future of education—a future where learning is driven by engagement, curiosity, and the joy of discovery.

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