Dive into the world of Gimkit, and you’ll encounter Key Cards: a pivotal game element that adds layers of strategy and intrigue.

Key Cards are special in-game currencies exclusive to the “One Way Out” game mode in Gimkit. They allow you to unlock different game areas, and come in different colors.

Keykards in Gimkit’s “One Way Out” Game

One Way Out is an exciting 2D game where students find themselves on a spaceship overtaken by pesky evil plants. The mission? Escape the ship!

By answering questions, students gain energy to move and explore. To win, they’ll need to use gadgets to tackle the evil plants, gather Gimkit Gate Key Cards, and join forces to reach the ship’s escape pods. Victory means getting everyone in the group to safety.

In Gimkit, Keycards are crucial for progression. Green Keycards, dropped by Evil Plants, unlock gates. Gold ones, found near the library, open up Stage 2, leading to Purple Keycards.

Collecting ten Purple Keycards lets you face the final Boss and earn the Wooden Wand weapon. Meanwhile, the new Blue Keycards can be used in Vending Machines, even though they don’t impact the game directly yet.

All Gimkit Key Cards
All Gimkit Key Cards

“One Way Out” offers customizable game settings. Teachers can tweak it based on their students’ needs. For a shorter, more challenging game?

Ramp up the difficulty and reduce player health. For a laid-back, extended game? Lower the difficulty and boost player health.

If you want students to answer more, reduce the energy they get from right answers. Enjoy and have fun!

What Gimkit Key Cards are available?

Keycard TypePurposeHow to GetImage
Green KeycardGreen Gimkit Key Card Opens most barriers.Dropped by Evil Plant (Green). Note: It might not always drop. Gimkit Green Keycard
Gold KeycardThe Golden Gimkit Key Card Unlocks the Barrier at the top of Stage 2 Entrance.Found on Boss Evil Plants located above the library.Gimkit Gold Keycard
Purple KeycardA Purple Gimkit Key Card Opens a barrier at the end of Stage 3.Scattered around the map after obtaining the first one in the secret room.Gimkit Purple Key card
Blue KeycardUsed in Vending Machines for item purchasesrecently introduced – lets find out!Gimkit Blue Key card

Guide to Gimkit Keycards: Green, Gold, Purple, and Blue Explained

Gimkit’s Keycards and discover their unique features and functionalities, from the common Green to the enigmatic Blue.

  • Green Keycards: The most common of the trio, Green Keycards are usually dropped by both Evil Plants and Boss Evil Plants. Any player can pick them up. They help unlock various gates in the game.
  • Gold Keycards: These rare cards are dropped by Boss Evil Plants above the library. With a Gold Keycard, you can access the top of Stage 2 entrance. Inside, you’ll find an assortment of legendary gadgets and a Purple Keycard.
  • Purple Keycards: After unlocking a barrier using 3 Gold Keycards at the stage 2 entrance, Purple Keycards become available across the map. Gathering the first Purple Keycard prompts the next one to appear. Collect all ten, and you’ll access the final barrier of chapter 3, leading you to the Boss room. Overcome the Boss, and the Wooden Wand weapon – the very weapon wielded by the Evil Plants – is yours!
  • Blue Keycards: These were recently introduced with Gimkit Creative but have no specific function in Gimkit games yet. However, they can be used in Vending Machines for item purchases and can also appear as spawnable or collectible items.

How to get Purple Key Cards in Gimkit?

After using 3 gold Keycards at the Stage 2 entrance, you’ll start spotting Purple Keycards around the map. Here’s the fun part: every time you grab one, another pops up somewhere else.

Collect all ten, and you’re in for a treat! They’ll let you access the final barrier of Chapter 3. Beat the Boss in that room, and you’ll earn the Wooden Wand – the same weapon those pesky Evil Plants have!

One Way Out Gimkits Purple Card Keys EXPLAINED [Newest Gimkit Game Mode 2023]

Detailed Guide to Finding all Purple Key Cards in Gimkit

Looking to collect all 10 Purple key cards in Gimkit? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you pinpoint each card’s exact location:

  1. Purple Key Card #1: Once you’ve unlocked the secret room, venture to its bottom-left corner. Your first Purple Key Card awaits there.
  2. Purple Key Card #2: At the end of Stage 1, make your way to the top-left corner. You’ll spot the card there.
  3. Purple Key Card #3: This one’s a bit tricky. Head to the room above Alphastar. Not only will you find the key card there, but you’ll also come across valuable Shield Cans and Medpacks.
  4. Purple Key Card #4: As you approach the end of Stage 3, look in the lower ditch. You’ll see the card guarded by four menacing Evil Plants.
  5. Purple Key Card #5: After conquering the boss fight in Stage 3, the top-left corner will reward you with the fifth card.
  6. Purple Key Card #6: Journey to the larger room located below Alphastar. In its bottom-right corner, you’ll discover another key card.
  7. Purple Key Card #7: As you navigate the Purple Area in Stage 2, keep an eye out for an Evil Plant. The seventh card is nestled close to it.
  8. Purple Key Card #8: At the end of Stage 2, follow the last laser path that leads you adjacent to the library. The card is there, waiting to be found.
  9. Purple Key Card #9: Toward the center of the boss fight at the end of Stage 2, there’s a barrier hiding the ninth card. Seek and you shall find!
  10. Purple Key Card #10: Your final treasure is cleverly tucked away in an empty suit locker. You’ll encounter it as you near the game’s conclusion.

Happy hunting, and may you swiftly gather all the Purple Key Cards!

How to obtain Golden Key Cards in Gimkit?

Are you looking to unlock the next level in Gimkit’s “One Way Out” mode? Well, those Golden Key Cards are your tickets. Here’s a simplified guide to getting those coveted keys!

Gimkit Golden Key Cards: Your Ticket to Stage 3

  1. Find the Boss Evil Plants: These pesky enemies are located in the room above the library. That’s where you’ll get the Gold Key cards.
  2. Prepare Your Arsenal: Before taking on the Boss Evil Plants, ensure you have a zapper, epic blasters, or upgraded weapons. A little firepower goes a long way!
  3. Bring a Buddy: Battling bosses is always more fun (and a tad easier) with a friend. Consider teaming up!
  4. Dodge the Lasers: As you tackle these bosses, watch out for lasers. They’re not just for show – they can inflict serious damage.
  5. Claim Your Prize: Once you’ve defeated the Boss Evil Plants, they’ll drop three Gold Key cards. Collect them all!
  6. Use the Gold Keys: Head back to the waiting area in Stage 1. These gold keys will let you open the barrier at the top of the Stage 2 entrance.
One Way Out – Gimkit Gold Card Keys EXPLAINED [Newest Gimkit Game Mode 2023]

How to Obtain a Green Keycard in Gimkit

In Gimkit, you’ll encounter two main adversaries: the Green Evil Plant and its more potent counterpart, the Boss variant. These foes look like Gims wielding wands, firing powerful bolts at players. The Boss version, distinguishable by its different coloration, inflicts even greater damage than the standard Green Evil Plant.

The respawn rate of these enemies varies based on your game’s difficulty setting. While standard Green Evil Plants and Boss Evil Plants in regular gameplay come back after a set period, the four Boss Evil Plants exclusive to the “One Way Out” secret mission don’t respawn.

But here’s the exciting part: once defeated, these enemies might drop a Green keycard. Secure this card, and you’ll have the means to access gates leading to new sectors in Gimkit.

Gimkit Blue Key Cards

Wondering about those new Blue Keycards in Gimkit? While they don’t have a specific role in the traditional Gimkit games, they came as a fresh addition with Gimkit Creative.

Fun fact: You can use these Blue Keycards at Vending Machines to buy items, and you’ll also find them as items you can pick up in the game.

Unlocking Success with Key Cards in Gimkit’s ‘One Way Out’

Navigating the thrilling spaceship corridors of Gimkit’s “One Way Out” mode is no small feat, but with the right Key Cards in hand, every player can transform their game strategy and experience.

As we’ve delved into the various colors and functionalities of these Key Cards, we see that each brings its unique charm, challenge, and reward to the game. Whether you’re a teacher aiming to engage students or a passionate player hungry for the next adventure, understanding and utilizing these Key Cards is the key (pun intended!) to unlocking a more enriching, strategic, and fun-filled Gimkit journey.

Embrace the chase, team up, and may your Key Card collection lead you to triumphant escapes and unforgettable game moments! Happy gaming!

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